Frequent Questions

Why do you check each presentation (before accepting it)?

We want the site to be a serious one. We do not accept offensive material, so each submission must be checked. Also, by this method, we want to eliminate the duplicate presentations, as much as possible. Also by this step, we process the presentations so that they can be viewed directly from the site, without downloading them.

I uploaded a presentation. Why didn't appear on the site?

The presentation does not appear immediately on the site, because it must be tested by us (for reasons that are presented in the previous paragraph). The presentation can also be rejected because it was previously posted by someone else, or you violated the terms of acceptance.

I cannot visualize some of the presentations. Why?

We could not convert some presentations. This usually happens because the presentations are locked (password protected).

Why some presentations haven't got the option "Send as ecard"?

Only those presentations can be sent as a greeting card which can be visualized in the browser.


We have over 220 PowerPoint presentations (pps or ppt format) received from 28 people. The presentations are grouped in 27 categories.

25 presentations are eagerly waiting for our acceptance...

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